If you are a foot fetishist, boy do we have the movie for you! Alexander Lo takes the nastiest foot in the mouth known to man, and still compiles one heck of a Kung Fu movie! That’s right, we’re talking about Shaolin vs. Lama! Give this one a look, and enjoy it for its silliness!

The Plot: Our film begins with a young martial artist named Sun Yu Ting (Alexander Lo) approaching a martial arts school in order to test its master. If the master is able to beat the young man, he intends to become his student. However, it seems that this young man has traveled all over and is a very well accomplished martial artist. He beats the master, and soon continues his wandering. Soon after, he saves a young street urchin save from a group of rowdy troublemakers. The street urchin actually turns out to be a Shaolin monk, and this leads our protagonist to the Shaolin temple where he meets this young man’s rather bizarre master. A monk who both drinks alcohol and eats red meat, this master is quite out of the ordinary. However, the monk’s Kung Fu is amazing, and once he sees this Sun Yu Ting then begs the monk to take him in as a student. Unfortunately, the monk refuses to take on any new students after his experience with the last young man he adopted as his pupil. It turns out that his last student used his position to rob the Shaolin temple of a book that contained all of the secrets of Shaolin Kung Fu. Sun Yu Ting must now prove himself, and do everything that he can in order to gather the necessary skills from his master. As you can maybe guess, soon enough the former student of this monk wanders back into the picture. This leaves only Sun Yu Ting to defend the Shaolin way of life.