Hey all, the Kung Fu Christmas festivities continue! Today we have a interesting title from Chang Cheh. Featuring what could be considered his biggest cast and some of the best names in Kung Fu cinema, the biggest selling point for the movie has to be the vast number of stars involved in the project.

The Plot: Mr. Gau is a rebelling official who uses the services of The Black Hat (played by Jimmy Wang Yu) in order to steal a document that holds information on a secret deal between the Chinese and Japanese governments. As Mr. Gau proceeds to visit friends of the rebellion, he runs into some trouble as certain members of the 13 Rascals are soon on his trail. This is a group of martial artists, some good and some bad, who are generally feared by all of the populace. Soon enough Gau is having to hide from the various enforcers that make up the corrupt side of this group. From Tiger, the tattooed mercenary, all the way to Sheau-Yang, the killer who uses a rifle instead of his fists. Will Gau be protected or will the corrupted officials manage to take his life before he can spread his news?