Hey guys, I know Christmas is over, but the new year isn’t here just yet – so the Kung Fu Christmas festivities will continue! I don’t care what your rule book says mister! So today we have some more Chen Kuan Tai action for everyone to enjoy. Here we have a review for The Big Boss of Shanghai, so give it a read!

The Plot: Wong (Chen Kuan Tai) and Cheung (Jimmy Lung) play two down and out friends who are having a lot of trouble with some local thugs. When one of their friends is kidnapped and is being ritually beaten, the two decide to make a daring rescue. When they do, during the ensuing fight, they kill one of these thugs, which causes the gangster to threaten to inform the police of this grievous action. Wong and Cheung decide to run away at this point and head off to Shanghai, which is a dream come true for Wong. When they reach Shanghai, they run into the bureaucracy of the labor leaders, who are nothing more than organized gangsters themselves. Never ones to turn down a fight, Wong and Cheung proceed to fight through the entire criminal underworld with the intentions of finding fair wages for a fair day’s work, and soon enough they are in high positions and leading the people. Jimmy Lee begins to dream of more, however. He came to Shanghai with the intention of making a lot of money, but Wong only wants to do good and won’t let Opium come in through the ports that they protect. With no opium, there’s no money for kickbacks. Will these two have a stake driven between them or will Cheung do what is right?