Ti Lung + Alexander Fu Sheng + a crazy anime-looking dude? You’ve got yourself a MOVIE! The Deadly Breaking Sword flies a bit under the radar, but it is a surprisingly fun and insane bit of Kung Fu cinema. Read the review by clicking the artwork, and find out just how crazy it tends to get!

The Plot: Our story begins with Tuan Changqing (Ti Lung) ordering a coffin for a duel that he is to have with a speerman name Liu Yinxu (Szu Shih). Tuan, who is a martial expert, takes his duels very seriously. Notorious for his habit of breaking a piece of his sword inside of his victims within each duel, he is one of the most feared swordsmen across the land. He soon defeats the spearman, but Liu runs away before the fight can be finished. Xian Dao (Fu Sheng) is a gambling addict who is more than a little down on his luck. When he is tricked by the young heiress of a gambling den, he believes that he owes a large amount of money. This leads him to becoming a indentured servant, but he doesn’t realize that the entire reason for this servitude is that the young heiress fancies the young lad. Xian Dao eventually meets Tuan Changqing outside of a teahouse, where the young gambler is caught admiring the fancy ruby that adorns Tuan’s horse. Tuan at first assumes that the young man is a thief, and thus a bit of antagonism is felt between them. When the brothel that neighbors Xian Dao’s new home at the gambling den acquires a very famous worker, it seems that she is the toast of the town. However, this new worker has some form of revenge on her mind, but who are the characters that she wants revenge upon? And what about Brother Liu Yinxu, who escaped Tuan Changqing’s wrath in our introduction? How long before he is finally able to begin practicing again and take his own revenge against Tuan Changqing?