We love us some Chen Kuan Tai around here at Varied Celluloid, and as Kung Fu Christmas rolls to a conclusion, we had to bring him back for one last adventure! Iron Monkey Strikes Back is a very solid piece of independent martial arts! Click on the cover art in order to read just why it is so entertaining!

The Plot: When the emperor is replaced with a impostor, his wife is defiled and then murdered by this nefarious criminal in hiding. Soon enough, the real emperor arrives back home only to find his dead wife. Although he takes the death seemingly in stride, he demands retribution. He asks for the very best inspector in all of the land, and this brings him to Inspector Cool Head (Chen Kuan Tai). Cool Head is quickly solving the case and tracks the murder weapon down to a poor man named Lee San who spends his days looking after his mother. Lee San pleads his innocence, but refuses to tell how his knife arrived at the crime scene, even though it appears that he had loaned it out to someone in the not-too-distant past. The emperor is quick to dismiss this man as the obvious murderer, but Inspector Cool Head has his doubts, and he begins to investigate the surrounding circumstances that have brought this murder to happen. As he looks further and further into the case, the more it seems that Lee San may very well be innocent and the conspiracy to kill this woman could reach some very high and unusual places.