This is it, people! The final review for our Kung Fu Christmas spectacular! Over 26,000 words written in one month, all about Kung Fu cinema. 26 movies reviewed. Very few obvious choices were made, but all titles were different, special and amazing in their own unique way. I hope you have had fun, and we will be back next December to do it all over again! Love, peace, respect and Kung Fu for all of you who read this. Now, we end the month with Ti Lung smoking dope. Enjoy our review for Opium and the Kung Fu Master!

The Plot: Tang (Ti Lung) is a former-member of the famed Ten Tigers From Kwangtung, but he has settled in with his own school instead of seeking a life of danger and action. However, acting as the main form of law enforcement in this small town has lead him into some relatively dangerous situations. While trying to keep track of his rather silly students, he becomes a pawn in a rather treacherous plot being hatched by Brother Yung (Chen kuan Tai). Yung intends to move a opium den right into the center of town, and after bribing a official, this plan is put directly into action. Yun intends to hook all of the locals on his heavy drugs, and then he intends to assume power over all of the citizenry. Tang initially gives license to Yung in order to build his opium den, but not knowing the effects of the drug Tang soon becomes a addict himself. His star pupil, however, quickly realizes what is going on within the community. He tries to persuade Tang that the opium is evil, but it initially falls upon deaf ears. Unfortunately, great tragedy will befall the house of Tang, and only then will he quit the drugs and take on the evil do’ers who have ransacked his community.