As I type this, it seems that I am a few minutes late in posting up my last reviews for our Kung Fu Christmas. For those of you who may have been counting on these final reviews during the early part of the day, I apologize. As with most of the readers, I spent Christmas with my family and I was unable to get on the computer machine. However, tonight I present the first of two final reviews for Varied Celluloid’s 2011 Kung Fu Christmas. The first up is Tiger Cage 2, a classic Yuen Woo Ping/Donnie Yen teamup. Hope you enjoy it! Click the artwork to read the full review!

The Plot: Mary Chang (Rosamund Kwan) is a divorce attorney working on Allen Chow’s (Donnie Yen) case, and she is in the process of taking him to the cleaners. Chow’s former-wife hated him being a cop, but the law is all that he knows. Wilson (Robin Shou) is another successful name in the law firm that Ms. Chang works for. After a unsuccessful attempt on Wilson’s life is made, he and his partners lose a large briefcase filled with laundered money. During a altercation in the hallways with these thieves, Chow chases down the group and helps thwart them. However, when one of the thieves highjacks Ms. Chang’s vehicle, she mistakes Chow for one of the robbers. As the robbers track down Mary, they accidentally end up kidnapping Chow. When they realize their mistake, they drop Chow off on the side of the road. Chow then sees Mary leave the hospital, and he decides to follow her in order to berate her for saying he was one of the robbers. Mary is dropped off at her friend Patty Lee’s (Do Do Cheng) home, who is also the girlfriend of Wilson, but it turns out that Wilson has sent a goon to kill Patty. When Mary and Chow find the body, the police aren’t far behind them. This implicates both Mary and Chow and they are soon running from the police. These two must quickly clear their name before the robbers, or the police, catch up with them.