Sorry I didn’t get to update sooner everyone! Things have been a bit on the hectic side for me. I do have many more reviews to come however, so keep on the lookout for more Kung Fu madness coming your way! Today we have a classic piece of Chang Cheh and Venom Mob magic known as Two Champions of Shaolin! Give the review a read, post a comment and let me know what you think!

The Plot: Lo Meng plays a strongman (of course!) known as The Shaolin Hercules, who despite being born in Manchu, hates the Ching government. You see, his father and mother were killed by the Manchu and was abandoned at Shaolin where he was raised. His hatred for the Manchu grew, along with his incredible strength and martial ability, until the day he finally reached the age of leaving the Shaolin temple. With Shaolin Hercules leaving the school, he sets out on a clear path of vengeance. Hu Wei Chen (Chiang Sheng) works for the Wu Tang, who are in cahoots with the Ching government, but he secretly resents the occupying force and spies for the rebels who look to overthrow this government. As Chiang Sheng’s character snoops around, we see how Shaolin Hercules gets into trouble by walking around with a chip on his shoulder picking fights with any Ching soldiers he can find. After being attacked by some Wu Tang men, Lo Meng is left with a flying dagger in his back and ends up on the doorstep of Chin Tai-lei (Sun Chien). Coincidentally, Chin Tai-lei has been taught to avoid all flying dagger attacks and his sister has been taught the offensive maneuvers of using flying daggers. With their help, Shaolin Hercules is able to learn the Wu Tang clan’s primary weapon style and is once again out for vengeance against the Wu Tang. He teams up with Hu Wei Chen and the two pull off a vast conspiratorial mission to rip the Wu Tang apart from the inside out.