Hey guys! The Kung Fu Christmas festivities continue! With this entry we steer slightly away from the previous entries into this month’s celebration and we focus on the noble swordsman as we watch a near invincible Ti Lung hack and slash his way through an army of punks in the amazing King Eagle. Give a read and prepare to be impressed, this is a good one!

The Plot: When the figurehead of a powerful martial arts clan is killed by the first-chief, the head-man leaves his dying words and symbol with a young follower who is given the responsibility of carrying the symbol to the eight heads of the clan in order to tell them of this treachery. When the young man is wounded by one of the many groups hunting him, he runs off to a creek where he meets up with Jin Fei “The King Eagle”, as played by the legendary Ti Lung. Jin Fei wants nothing to do with this dying man nor his story and feels that if he lives by the sword, so must he die. However, the man begins to speak and just by hearing the story of who killed this headman, it makes Jin Fei a marked man. Now the entire clan is after him, with the first-chief leading the charge. Behind him is the eighth chief, a scorned woman who believes herself to be the most beautiful in all the martial world but is angered when King Eagle does not react to her looks. Eighth chief has an elder twin sister, the seventh chief, who is an honest and decent woman who just so happens to hit it off with King Eagle. These two begin a subtle romance while they inevitably wander towards the ultimate showdown. A showdown that will feature the superhuman Jin Fei and this evil clan of power hungry lunatics.