Sorry for getting so backed up people! I’ve just been rather busy and distracted recently, but I plan to make up for lost time just shortly! To kickstart things again, we have a review for the very strange Chang Cheh title Heaven and Hell!

The Plot: In Heaven, the gate keeper in charge of guarding the portal between Heaven and Earth lands in deep dutch when a couple manage to escape on his watch. Punished for his lack of discipline, this guard named Xin Ling (played by Shaw Bros. veteran Li Yi-min) is re-incarnated on earth as a taxi driver in contemporary Hong Kong. While out and about he meets up with Shiqi (Alexander Fu Sheng) and Chen Ding (Jenny Tseng), who are two star crossed lovers trying to be together despite Jenny’s gangster ex-boyfriend making trouble for the two. In the midst of saving Shiqi’s life however, Xin Ling is killed and his soul is then banished to hell. When he awakens in hell, he meets up with another lost soul known as Red Dress who tells him of her woeful story of experimenting with drugs which lead to her death. The only way for Xin Ling and Red Dress to escape the torments of hell however is to get in touch with the Buddha of mercy and then fight their way out of this Inferno. With the help of some other just souls, Xin Ling will take on all the forces of hell in an epic battle of supernatural martial arts!