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The Plot: Kuan Yu-Lou (Ti Lung) is a popular actor who doesn’t just play a tough guy on the stage, he truly lives up to his characters as he is also a fantastic martial artist. When a local thug named Hua Ching-fen (Ping Wang) starts openly flirting with Yu-Lou’s wife, he takes offense and roughs up several of Ching-fen’s boys. Cheng-fen isn’t the type to take something like this sitting down, so he sets up Yu-Lou and has his gang ambush the young actor. Yu-Lou fights dramatically and takes several men with him, but eventually has his eyes gouged out and his stomach pierced open. He dies, but he hasn’t been forgotten as his brother Kuan Hsiao Lou (David Chiang) comes back to town and immediately sets out on a path of vengeance. Hsiao Lou is brutal in his quest for blood and as he finds that there were others involved in the conspiracy to have his brother assassinated, the number of bodies begin to mount up as he carves his way through this underworld.