Sorry folks! As I’ve mentioned in various outlets, I have been out of town and I forgot to upload many of my graphics so it delayed all of my postings! Sorry about that! The Kung Fu Christmas festivities continue: NOW! Here we have the epic and excellent The Deadly Duo for everyone to enjoy! Take a gander and have a merry Christmas!

The Plot: The film starts with the Jin rulers (the ancestors of the Manchu, who would dominate China some 500 years later and establish the Qing dynasty), assassinating those who were loyal to the Sung dynasty. Pao Kung Tien (Ti Lung) leads a small revolt against the Jin, and unfortunately they are not very successful. While doing battle he runs into a traitor who has dishonored his people by helping the Jin, and although the two don’t face off here, they are immediately mortal enemies. Pao Kung Tien and his crew regrettably save only one man from a team of nine who were captured by the Jin. This man passes along information on the fighters who help the Jin. Along with these warnings, he provides a map on his back that shows where the great Prince Kang is being hidden! He warns however that few men would be able to cross the bridge that protects the path to these kidnappers. There is only one man who could potentially save the Prince and he is a gentleman known as master Yin: The Shadow. The Shadow is a ruthless and greedy martial artist who is now in trouble with his own clan after the news has got out about his evil deeds. Hsiao Pin-fu (David Chiang) is a martial artist from the same clan as The Shadow and has been sent by their master, in order to put an end to The Shadow’s corrupt ways. When Pao Kung Tien shows up searching for The Shadow, in an attempt to appeal to his better nature so that he can help save the prince, a fight ensues and David Chiang joins up with Pao Kung Tien’s group of soldiers. Now this ragtag group have to somehow find their way into the camp that Prince Kang is being held… and it won’t be easy!