The “A Very Kung Fu Christmas” insanity continues! This time we stop off for some Brucesploitation! One of a few coming your way actually, so if you dig on some really awful ripoffs of Bruce Lee then you’re going to LOOOVE this December here at Varied Celluloid! Fists of Vengeance is one truly awful piece of garbage, but after watching you’ll be glad you’ve seen it. Always nice to see the bottom end of the spectrum every once in a while! Read on for hillarity!

The Plot: Bruce Lee, before he passed away, authored one final book that was meant to remain a secret. In the martial arts community however, word soon spread and now Jack Lee, the man who holds the only copy, is stopping in to Manilla to visit his friend Peter (Bruce Le). Peter runs his own Tae Kwon Do school and greets Jack by taking him to a local martial arts contest. Peter is unfortunately beaten by a Caucasian rival who just so happens to be in town with nefarious intentions. When this evil gentleman discovered Jack would be transporting this book into the Philippines he gathered his best men to stake him out at the tournament. After dispatching of his own opponents in the tournament, Jack returns to his hotel room where he is jumped by six assassins… who are all handled quite easily, thanks to Jack’s studying of Bruce Lee’s secret book. They return to their master who lampoons them and finds his next set of employees to take on Jack Lee. Will this evil man succeed in stealing this most precious book or will Jack and Peter manage to keep it out of the hands of evil doers?