Hey everybody! I know it’s been a couple of days now, but it’s been crazy around here! Anyway, it’s been so busy here lately. Been working my butt off, but I finally finished up posting this review. I’ve been done with it for a while now, but just haven’t been able to do the internet work. So, with that out of the way, I present Cleopatra Wong! Yay! Does it really constitute a “Kung Fu” flick, befitting of the Varied Celluloid Kung Fu Christmas? It’s debatable, but there’s enough fighting going on here to more than qualify it. More than Bloodfight had that’s for sure.

The Plot: Cleopatra Wong is an agent with Interpol on vacation in Manilla. She is called into action though when a criminal organization has made big moves back in her home country of Singapore and are planning to spread counterfeit bills all over the market. Cleopatra goes undercover with many of these fake bills which she attempts to spend – only to be caught by the local authorities. She is bailed out immediately and sought by this criminal organization. When she actually manages to put an end to this racket with relative ease, Interpol sets their aim a little higher and decides to follow this case up the ladder, all the way to Hong Kong. With the information and the contacts, Cleopatra sets off to put an end to these counterfeiters once and for all! This case will take her on a quest for Strawberry jam and Catholic monasteries.