Hey everybody, back again with more Kung Fu Christmas shenanigans! I might try and get at least one more done before Christmas, but I can’t really promise anything. Overall though, I think this little marathon run has been pretty entertaining! We’ve seen some really awful stuff and some pretty darn excellent as well. If I can squeeze one more in there though, I won’t promise much in terms of quality… because watching the really bad ones are just so much fun! As you can maybe tell with my presenting Dragon Lee Vs. The Five Brothers for you today. Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of the “fun” bad ones. Yeeeeesh.

The Plot: Dragon Lee plays Han, a rebel against the evil Chings in the old days China. When his good friend is murdered by the Ching, he takes on a mission left by him. He is given a letter that he is to deliver to Song Yi town. He is also given a ring with several passwords written on it. He’ll have to track down the rebels inside of the town and give them this letter. The Ching’s are aware of the letter though and have dispatched five shaolin fighters to help put an end to the rebel invasion. Each of these five fighters are deadly in the martial arts and will do what it takes to put an end to the rebellion. Han finds himself caught right in the middle of the rebellion and in a battle to the death. Along the way he meets a mysterious young woman with powerful kung fu, he is unsure of this beautiful woman however as has past is very illusive. Will Han and this young woman be enough to put a stop to these Ching warriors or will evil conquer over all?