Nowhere near over, A Very Kung Fu Christmas rolls along! This time we’re delighted with a “good” movie! Although I’m having so much fun with the garbage cinema, it’s nice to class things up with a good cast and director every now and then. Keep checking back, more martial arts madness is on the way!

The Plot: Under the rule of the Manchu, Shaolin temples were ordered to be destroyed and the lead man put in charge of this extermination of Shaolin was the Priest Pai Mei. A long white haired master of Kung Fu who has almost no weakness. After destroying a temple and the teacher who lives there, the remaining Shaolin students left alive were forced into exile. They take refuge under the guise of a theater troupe but remain heavily involved in the conflict against the Manchu. The group lead by Hsi Kuan (Kuan Tai Chen) lives only for vengeance of their dead master. They fight them through their plays which are vehemently against the Manchu and through their physical might. Along the way Sei Kuan finds love with a beautiful young girl who practices Crane style, which he views as inferior to his own Tiger style. However, they make it work and are married. Before long, they have themselves a plump young boy who is to be trained in Crane style by the mother. After years of training though, Sei Kuan feels he is ready to take on priest Pai Mei. With his son in training and growing better along side him, if he is to fail his mission, someone else will step forward for vengeance!