It’s that time of year ya’ll and the celebrating continues! It’s a Very Kung Fu Christmas here at Varied Celluloid and I’m pumping them out as fast as I can! More Kung Fu coming at you with this classic bit of Brucesploitation. Absolutely insane movie starring Bruce Li, totally worth a look.

The Plot: Our story starts with Bruce Li playing a young martial artist who bears a strong resemblance to the late Bruce Lee. He is soon contacted by some producers who have noticed this resemblance and want him to take over the lead role on Bruce Lee’s unfinished film. So, after gathering in their office, they then show the leftover footage from this long lost movie in which Bruce Li plays Bruce Lee. You see, that’s the last we see of Bruce Li playing himself. The rest of our running time is simply the unfinished film itself. Inside of this new story we’re shown Bruce taking his girlfriend home from a walk, when all of a sudden he spots a man being stabbed! Bruce intervenes but not fast enough to save the gentleman’s life and as he dies, the man asks Bruce to go to his wife and deliver a mysterious bag. When Bruce arrives to tell the widow of the situation, she goes into hysterics about her son who is also in trouble! She has a package that needs to be delivered to him, but who could ever do it? Well, Bruce Lee can! So with that he’s on his way, but unknown to him the entire situation was a trap. The man wasn’t killed and the woman has no son, they plan on using Bruce to deliver the box (which is packed full of hard cash!) and that makes him a marked man. Now Bruce must team with his brother in order to take this box of money to the police and put a stop to these criminals! However, Bruce’s brother is soon kidnapped and the money is missing! With these racketeers breathing down his neck, Bruce will be forced to fight back!