It’s Christmas Eve ya’ll! Time for my last entry into this very Kung Fu Christmas! We’ve had our ups and we’ve had our downs, but most of all we’ve had fun! I end it all with some Chang Cheh and some Venoms. Although Masked Avengers is no Flag of Iron, I still like it and if you’re a fan of Kung Fu cinema you’ll probably dig it as well. Check out the review and stay tuned to Varied Celluloid! This next month we’ve got reviews coming for Women’s Prison Massacre, Shinjuku Outlaw and Tokyo Sonata! Can’t wait!

The Plot: When a young martial artist is attacked and stabbed multiple times by a gang of gold-masked killers, he manages to barely escape with just a few moments left of his life. He makes it back to his brothers at their school and informs them of the gang and what little he can recall to them to help them in their journey. He unfortunately is yet another victim from this school who has fallen to the gold masked killers, who have made sport of ambushing all who wander off from any large groups. So, with the knowledge that this group of masked-men are attacking within a confined area and that their are three bosses within their ranks, the leader Chen Cheung, sets the school off on their a path of justice by checking the nearby city which is home to a group who may just fit the bill for being the leaders of this masked-killing gang. There are three chiefs in this gang but as it turns out neither three knows the others’ identity. So tracking them down is going to be a tougher proposition than at first thought. Who are the three chiefs and what will it take to find them?