It’s that time of the year again, and we here at Varied Celluloid are celebrating in the only way we know how: with plenty of kung fu film reviews! Kung Fu Christmas is an annual celebration her on Varied Celluloid, and during the month of December you can look forward to kung fu movie reviews being posted on a near-daily basis! This official announcement comes on the third day of the month, but the festivities have already been taking place. So, keep your eyes locked on Varied Celluloid, because there are so many obscure, amazing, and absolutely fun pieces of martial arts cinema coming your way!

12-26-2012 – Post-Kung Fu Christmas Note: Another year has come to a close here at Varied Celluloid and another Kung Fu Christmas is now in the books. We are now going on ten years in the movie-review business! Hopefully you all enjoy it and have been keeping up with this very fun Kung Fu Christmas. It would have been nice to achieve 25 full reviews, but we take what we can get! Hopefully these additions to the massive library found here on Varied Celluloid will come in handy when it comes time to find your next chop socky adventure. Until next year, God bless and take care of yourselves!

Films Reviewed:

12-1-12: Wu Dang – A review for the very recent kung fu/adventure film starring Vincent Zhao!

12-2-12: Pedicab Driver – A review for this classic Sammo Hung action comedy/drama.

12-3-12: Kill ‘Em All – A review covering this very interesting Thai/American martial arts film that is low on plot, but high on action.

12-4-12: The Avenging Eagle – Ti Lung and Alexander Fu Sheng play great friends who track down a guy who wears metal arms: ’nuff said.

12-6-12: The Protector – Okay, so the movie doesn’t feature “kung fu,” but there are bound to be divergences throughout the month! It’s a good one though, so do check out this review for some Tony Jaa magic.

12-7-12: Blood Brothers – Ti Lung, David Chiang, and Chen Kuan Tai, talk about an all-star cast! This historical epic explores many common tropes of Chang Cheh’s filmography, but it does it in spectacular fashion.

12-10-12: The Kung Fu Instructor – Sun Chung pops up yet again with Ti Lung to provide another very fun martial arts title that shouldn’t be overlooked.

12-12-12: I Am Bruce Lee – A review for the recent documentary looking to explore the thoughts and legacy of Bruce Lee.

12-13-12: To Kill a Mastermind – Review for the highly sought after Shaw Bros. title directed by Sun Cheung. Does it live up to the hype? Spoiler alert: Yeah, it does.

12-17-12: Killer Clans – A review for the slightly convoluted Chor Yuen epic from the Shaw library.

12-18-12: Old Dirty Kung Fu – Simon Yuen is here to once again teach some poor sap how to use kung fu! So, expect him to do it in the weirdest ways possible!

12-19-12: A Book of Heroes – Review for this awesome Taiwanese action caper featuring Yukari Oshima!

12-20-12: One Armed Swordsmen – A review for the sequel that brought together the two men who had mastered the “One Armed Swordsman” role, David Chiang and Jimmy Wang Yu.

12-21-12: In the Line of Duty – A look back at the classic Michelle Yeoh action film that made us all a bit sympathetic for Michael Wong

12-22-12: In the Line of Duty 2 (Yes, Madam) – More Michelle Yeoh greatness! Unfortunately, less Michael Wong, but the movie makes up for it with Cynthia Rothrock!

12-25-12: The Protector (1985) – We take a look back at one of Jackie Chan’s earliest American adventures. Directed by James Glickenhaus and featuring Danny Aiello… this one is worth a “look” at least.

12-25-12: In the Line of Duty 3 – Finally Cynthia Khan takes over the In the Line of Duty 3, and she does so in impressive fashion!

12-26-12: Crime Story – Easily one of Jackie Chan’s most underrated crime dramas, Crime Story is a really good way to finish off our Kung Fu festivities!