Hey everybody! Gotcha another one. This bit of Indonesian insanity has been on my list to watch for quite a while now. Just look at that title, Lady Terminator, who doesn’t want to watch that? Well it was certainly worth the search as it delivers in every b-movie way that it could. Check out the review for more penis destroying fun!

The Plot: Lady Terminator is a little tricky to synopsize, since it’s almost a tale of three different stories. First we start off one hundred years ago as the South Sea Queen beds her 100th husband who then forbids her from continually killing off the male population with her magic. She vows vengeance in one hundred years against her husband’s great granddaughter. Skip forward to present day (well, 1983) and we run into a young archeologist, Tania Wilson (Barbara Anne Constable ), who is interested in the story about the South Sea Queen. When asking around she’s told there have been many divers who have looked in the south sea but they all came up missing. So she of course charters a boat for herself. When she dives in she is captured by the South Sea Queen and thus allows the South Sea Queen to come back to life using her body. Her first order of business is to track down her husband’s great granddaughter, named Erica (Claudia Angelique Rademaker ), who is now a burgeoning music starlet. However, along to protect her is Max McNeil (Christopher J. Hart), a police officer still coping with the death of his wife. Will they be able to stop this ruthless witch, or will the South Sea Queen take over the world!?