Well Jon’s been a pretty busy little bee here lately, but managed to take in Go Shibata’s new classic Late Bloomer. I caught this one a while back myself, and essentially agree with him on all counts. Not a perfect film, but unique and interesting in all the right ways. Definitely worth catching simply for the experience.

The Plot: Late Bloomer documents a severely disabled man, Sumida-san, who has made a life for himself hanging out with friends, drinking beer (a lot, at that), and checking out shows. In addition, Sumida-san is the director of a disabled home (as is the real-life actor, Masakiyo Sumida in a bit of verisimilitude) and well-cared for. Though this may seem like a rather content life, Sumida-san’s anger and frustration toward his disabilities provoke him to embark on a murderous rampage.