kick-assEver since first viewing the online viral videos surrounding Kick-Ass, I’ve been really into the project. Despite there being only a handful of issues released of the comic – it has been one of the more popular and successful books released in years. Likely due to that same, very cool, viral ad campaign that featured a shoddy video of a young kid dressed like a superhero stepping up to a gang and taking the beating that was meant for someone else. So reading around today, it seems that Variety broke the news that the film version which has been the focus of geeks the world over now has distribution. My take on the story:

The book focuses on a young comic geek who decides one day to follow the dream and become a superhero. It starts off simple enough, playing dress up and hanging out on top of buildings but after his first run-in with a gang of hooligans leaves him beat, bloody, naked and in the hospital – it becomes apparent that this is for real. Before long he’s trying his best to fight crime again but getting beaten, stabbed and injured along the way.

Much like Watchmen, it’s a very literal adaptation of the superhero mythos and what would happen if we had masked crusaders wandering our streets. Only, in this story instead of simply subduing the urchins of the streets someone usually ends up with teeth knocked out, bones broken or bloody pounds of viscera that used to be a human’s face splattered across the sidewalk. It’s an extreme story that also has a lot of humor and comedic flare.


How much of the comic will remain in the film, who is to say. Writer Mark Millar seems pretty psyched about it though. If you ever read the comics though you’ll know that this is one brutally violent book. With decapitations and gore aplenty. Personally I’m holding out for the best and can’t wait to see Hit-Girl on screen stabbing through the skulls of pimps and thugs with her blade.