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Love Exposure Review!

Posted by On August - 26 - 2010
I have been writing this review for a good week or so, off and on. Sion Sono’s four hour opus is a film that deserves as much thought as one could possibly muster and I’m sure I don’t do it service. Such an epic film deserves an epic review, and I do my best to try and deliver!

The Plot: Yu Honda (Takahiro Nishijima) is a young man born into a Christian family in the very Buddhist society of Japan. His mother dies while he is still young, but before she passes on she gives him a statue of the virgin Mary and insists that he some day find his own Maria. After the death of his mother, his father is left in a state of confusion and turns to the priesthood. He dedicates his life to god, but after a few years confusion once again enters his life as a mysterious woman shows up at his church crying. She slowly starts to seduce the priest and the two begin living with one another behind the church’s back. Everything seems to be going well for this new family unit, but when it becomes apparent that their relationship is going to remain hidden, the woman leaves and Yu’s father is once again alone. Bitterness begins to take over his life as his sermon’s take on a dark tone and his interest in the well-being of others is diminished. He starts turning to Yu for him to confess all of his sins on a daily basis, but Yu is a kind teen and doesn’t commit any terrible sins but his father refuses to believe this. In fact, Yu doesn’t even lust after women. He has never even had an erection at this point in his life and he believes the only girl who will ever do that for him is his Maria. Now, as Yu can’t seem to fool his father during their confessions, he decides he will have to commit as many sins as he possibly can. He teams up with some local punks and begins his mission to find the worst sins he can. This leads him to being trained in the ways of upskirt photography! His father, who has shown disinterest in everything up until this point finally shows some anger towards his son – which is better than the emptiness he had been showing. At the same time that this is happening, the priest’s former mistress has moved on and found another man who has a daughter named Yoko Ozawa (Hikari Mitsushima) who is obsessed with Kurt Cobain. Although she quickly loses interest in this new man, her new “daughter” of sorts becomes very attached to her and vice versa. The two leave and head back to Yu’s father and unknown to Yu Honda, the young Jesus loving Kurt Cobain freak may just be his very own Maria!





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