Martyrs Review


Apr 23, 2009

Why do I have that sensation that I’m going to be ripped limb from limb after this review? I suppose it’s because of how loyal the fanbase has been for Martyrs. I think I’m the sole horror fan who hasn’t been left wow’ed, as the high score on the IMDB and generally great reviews elsewhere have lead me to believe. Still, it just didn’t tickle my fancy and I think I make my case fairly well. Give it a look and judge for yourself!

The Plot: Lucie as a young woman was captured, beaten and tortured by a group of mysterious strangers. When questioned by the authorities on who they were, Lucie simply says she couldn’t remember and that it was dark. Lucie, suffering from severe trauma and showing up with cuts and slashes on her at all times, goes to live in a home where she meets Anna, another young woman. We flash forward many years later, with a family sitting around the kitchen table discussing their son’s future plans. He wants to quit college, his mother is upset with him because of it. Their prize daughter just makes fun of the whole ordeal. In a few moments their entire lives will change as Lucie shows up at the door with a shotgun in hand. It seems she has found her tormentors and is about to put an end to them and their spawn. However, is she right or is this all another series of confused hallucinations inside of her mind? Only time will tell.