Maskhead Pre-Orders


Sep 5, 2009

MaskheadWith the disappointing review of Tetsuo The Bullet Man I just read over at Twitch (although if you ask me, that plot synopsis still sounds pretty rad and I’m not 100% convinced), I really need something to cheer me up. Although it’s a few days old at this point, I still thought I’d post the latest from the good folks over at Toe Tag Pictures who brought us all the unforgettable August Underground flicks. Their new feature Maskhead is due to be released on DVD, but they now have it available for pre-order for just $19.99. Expect tons of gratuitous (and awesome) violence and hopefully some perverse and awful things randomly happening to others. It is described on their page like so:

MASKHEAD tells the depraved tale of Syl and Maddie, a lesbian couple who produce extreme fetish and dark specialty movies. With the help of their sociopathic associate, The Cowboy, the ladies audition numerous up-and-coming talent to star in their top selling, stomach-turning fetish series: “MASKHEAD,” which features a large man in a bizarre mask who tortures and kills his “co-stars” on camera.

They had me at Extreme Fetish and Dark Specialty Movies. Don’t know about you. Drew McWeeny’s (Moriarty from Aint it Cool News) co-writer in his projects for Masters of Horror, Scott Swan, is also on board as writer/co-director with Fred Vogel – so I’m actually building some decent expectations for this flick. Check out the Pre-Order Deal Here!