Ahh! Back again everybody! Took a couple of days off and got my review for this Duke Mitchell helmed classic bit of exploitation cinema. Truly a violent classic of the crime genre. Hopefully you guys dig it!

The Plot: Mimi lives in Sicily with his father, the leader and fatherhead for much of American organized crime who has been removed from the country and sent back to the old country. When Mimi sees the world starting to change, he heads to Hollywood with his fathers respects in order to tame the wild west and get his own piece of the rackets. Specifically he aims to take back the pimping game from the blacks and take control of all the bookies. However, times really have changed and the strong arm tactics of the past aren’t really in force in this day and age. Looking to bring back a bit of the old days, Mimi and his partner Jolly set off to show these new guys on the block just how dangerous a real criminal can be. However, has the world really changed and will Mimi be able to get his own piece of the pie or is he just a relic of a past no one really wants to live with?