Takashi MiikeTakashi Miike is a director willing to take on just about any project that comes his way. Although he has appeared more selective in his output in the past few years, his choices have remained entertaining and interesting. With his adaptation of Yatterman doing big business at the box office in Japan, right now is a good time to be Miike. His next project, a remake, will be one of his few period pieces. This one however looks to be more action oriented than Sabu. The remake, for Toho and London-stationed HanWay Films, has few details out about it right now but if the new film stays true to the original film it will deal with thirteen assassins embarking on a mission to end the rule of an evil and young lord. The project should go under the lens around July, so keep your eyes pealed for any casting information which I’ll try to post as it comes in. For now, check out the trailer for the original 1963 film!