Hey everybody, back with an update for you. My review of the Fernando Di Leo classic Mister Scarface! An Italian crime classic and one extremely fun flick! Read on and enjoy!

The Plot: Tony (Harry Baer) is a small time collector for a gambling outfit who uses both his wits as well as his tremendous fighting abilities to get the job done. While working one night he sees young Rick (Al Cliver) being beaten by his mafia boss Scarface (Jack Palance). He helps Rick back to his place and the two become fast friends. At work Tony is given the opportunity to make a huge play for his outfit by collecting a gambling debt worth three million lira from Scarface himself. Tony and Rick come up with a genius scam that works and allows the two to skim an extra eight million lira just for themselves. Unfortunately Scarface is far more powerful than these small time hoods and now Rick and Tony will have to hide out and ultimately fight back against Scarface and his army of mafia goons. What follows is an Italian crime film like no other!