Okay, did you guys notice something? Hmm, like a virus maybe? Yeah, umm, about that… I just spent the past few days slaving over the computer to remove that SOB and finally Varied Celluloid seems to be back up and running! So, with that said, hopefully I can get back to quickly posting up a lot of this backlogged content. Sorry about all of this folks, but we’re back and we’re ready to party!

So with that said, it’s about time we finished off that MST3K vs Gamera box set. We’ve covered Gamera and Gamera vs. Barugon so far, and with three titles left to go there’s no time like the present to start piling up the reviews! For now we have the immortal Gamera vs. Gaos, which is sure to hit the spot! Take a look and let us know what you think!

The Plot: Joel Robinson and his robotic friends Crow and Tom Servo are stuck in outer space aboard the Satellite of Love where they are forced, by the evil Dr. Forrester, to watch very bad movies. The crew try to make the most of the flicks that are presented to them by continually cracking jokes while the movies play on for the audience at home. This time around we delve back into the Gamera series and find that a team of construction workers are doing their best to pave through a wooded area right next to a mountain. This incites violence from the locals, but what happens next baffles everyone. When a UN survey team, flying in a helicopter, are wiped out by a beam of light coming from the mountain, a massive panic is felt by all involved. It turns out that the ball of light came from Gaos, a giant flying space creature! As mankind tries to figure a way to stop this giant monster, the only hope earth seems to have is with the giant turtle known as Gamera!

Also, thanks to the mighty fine folks at Shout! Factory, we have a couple of clips from this episode to share with you as well!