The trip down Mystery Science Theater 3000 memory lane doesn’t stop folks, as we take a look at the MST3K treatment given to an early Roger Corman western: Gunslinger! You can also expect more to come as we investigate the MST3K Vs. Gamera boxset from Shout Factory sometime in the near future!

The Plot: In this episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Joel is still trapped in outer space on the Satellite of Love and is once again forced to watch a dreadful movie at the hands of the evil Dr. Forrester. This time out he is given one of Roger Corman’s early outings, a western known as Gunslinger. The film details the events that come after a local marshall is gunned down in cold blood. His wife Rose Hood (Beverly Garland) shows the only guts in town as she takes up the marshall’s position and starts a hunt for the men who took her husband’s life. This draws her into a nefarious scheme by the local saloon owner (Allison Hayes) who may or may not have hired a contract killer to take care of any law in town!