As we get closer to the Korean film Blog-a-Thon (which will be hosted by New Korean, I realize that we have so many other films coming down the pipeline for review! First off however, we will continue with the reviews for all four of the episodes within the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XX box set! Next up is a classic episode from the MST3K crew, Master Ninja 1! Read on and learn the secrets of John McAllister!

The Plot: Joel Hodgson is an employee at Gizmonic Institute when the evil Dr. Forrester shoots him into outer space on the Satellite of Love. Here he is forced to endure bad movies on a weekly basis. Thankfully Joel was able to build himself a few robotic friends to help him deal with these bad movies. Among these robots are Gypsy who runs the ship, cam-bot who watches their every action and of course the wise-cracking Crow and Tom Servo who help him riff on the movies as they watch them. In this episode, Joel and his robot friends take in some 80’s cheese! Ripped from a television series called The Master and packaged down in VHS form as feature length movies, this “film” features Lee Van Cleef as John Peter McAllister who is a Korean war veteran who has spent the majority of his life in Japan learning the secret arts of the ninja. Unknown to McAllister, back at home in America he has left behind a daughter. With this knowledge, he sets off back to America despite this action leaving him as a man now marked for death by his ninja clan. When he arrives he soon runs into a brash young man named Max Keller (Timothy Van Patten) who agrees to help McAllister find his daughter as long as he too can learn the ways of the ninja. What kind of wacky adventures will these two get into!?