So the guys are back for our final review from the Mystery Science Theater Volume XX box set, and they take on one of the many sequels to the original Master Ninja! Master Ninja 2 takes off where the first one left off… with an incredibly aimless plot that feels forced due to the episodic nature of television!

The Plot: Joel Hodgson is an employee at Gizmonic Institute when the evil Dr. Forrester shoots him into outer space on the Satellite of Love. Here he is forced to endure bad movies on a weekly basis. Thankfully Joel was able to build himself a few robotic friends to help him deal with these bad movies. Among these robots are Gypsy who runs the ship, cam-bot who watches their every action and of course the wise-cracking Crow and Tom Servo who help him riff on the movies as they watch them. In this episode, Joel and his robot friends take on the equally unsavory sequel to the original Master Ninja! This episode essentially continues the format of Master Ninja 1. John Peter McAllister (Lee Van Cleef) teams up with young Max Keller (Timothy Van Patten) as they travel around the country randomly helping people and trying to avoid a savage ninja played by Sho Kosugi! There’s not much more than that, to be honest. This time out Max Keller gets to make out with two different girls and save the day with his old ninja friend. Joy!