Hey everybody, we’re back with the second review from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XX box set! This time Joel and the gang take on some horrid pieces of science fiction history! A worthy episode, though far from the best of the box. Give a read and see what I mean!

The Plot: Joel Hodgson is an employee at Gizmonic Institute when the evil Dr. Forrester shoots him into outer space on the Satellite of Love. Here he is forced to endure bad movies on a weekly basis. Thankfully Joel was able to build himself a few robotic friends to help him deal with these bad movies. Among these robots are Gypsy who runs the ship, cam-bot who watches their every action and of course the wise-cracking Crow and Tom Servo who help him riff on the movies as they watch them. In this episode, Joel and his robot friends take in some classic science fiction! First up we watch some shorts that deal primarily with rocket men flying around and displaying their wooden stage-style acting. Afterwards, we watch Project Moonbase which is a science fiction film dealing with a crew of astronauts heading to the moon in order to colonize it. However, not everyone on-board the station is everything that they appear to be!