Two posts in a row? Surely this can’t be happening! Sorry folks, I realize things have been kinda slack around here but it has been a tremendously busy season for Varied Celluloid. Don’t worry though, there is more to come! Including reviews for all four films in the Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XX boxset! Today we start things off with The Magic Voyage of Sinbad which is certainly one of the most memorable episodes from the set! Give the review a whirl and tell us what you think!

The Plot: Joel Hodgson is an employee at Gizmonic Institute when the evil Dr. Forrester shoots him into outer space on the Satellite of Love. Here he is forced to endure bad movies on a weekly basis. Thankfully Joel was able to build himself a few robotic friends to help him deal with these bad movies. Among these robots are Gypsy who runs the ship, cam-bot who watches their every action and of course the wise-cracking Crow and Tom Servo who help him riff on the movies as they watch them. In this episode, the Russian import The Magic Voyage of Sinbad is screened for Joel and the bots. The movie showcases Sinbad’s return home where he finds the rich have tremendously dominated the poor. After speaking with the gods and then winning a chance to lead a magical voyage (by betting the local bourgeois that he could find a golden fish just off the shore), Sinbad acquires his crew and sets off to find the Blue Bird of Happiness!