Hey everybody! Digging the new look? If you’ve been checking in on the site, I’ve been working on it for a while now. In the past week I’ve been swapping graphics out, changing colors, etc. I’m happy with this look however, and the forum has had a facelift as well. We’re all decked out now!

I’ve also added an IMDB option in my reviews now as well, with links to the director/writer/cast right above the actual review. I used to fill in all of that information on the old version of VC but I finally found a decent script to grab that info for me. Then only problem is it’s more than just a little “buggy”. Seriously, I have to align all the right stars just to get the thing to work once you refresh the page. If anyone has any trouble, leave a comment on any of the following reviews and tell me what browser you’re using! Now, onto the content!


1990: The Bronx Warriors – It’s the Warriors! The Bronx Warriors! Watch as they make their Escape From New York, err, the Bronx! Okay, yeah, low budget ripoff of a lot bigger and better films – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with this one! It’s dopey, but a heck of a fun time and one of the best “post apocalyptic” flicks out there – even though there’s no actual apocalypse in the film.

Psycho: The Snuff Reels – If you like seeing women strapped to a bed and having their limbs hacked away from their body (and who doesn’t?) – then boy do I have a movie for you! Following in the grand footsteps of Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh & Blood and a nice new (well, newly gaining popularity here in the states) accompanying title to watch along with Muzan-E. Just in case that flick didn’t completely rob you of your moral dignity!


Fists of Bruce Lee – Could this be an unknown Bruce Lee movie secretly made before his death!? Heck no son! This is Brucesploitation! An old review of mine for this James Bond inspired foray in the world of Brucesploitation. Not a very good one, but still, these sort of flicks rarely are.

Fists of the White Lotus – Gordon Liu steps up to bat in this old school classic, fighting the evil Lo Lieh who plays old whitebeard himself White Lotus, good friend of Pai Mei (like the dude in Kill Bill, yes). A very strong entry into the genre and one of Liu’s best and featuring some absolutely spectacular choreography. One of my favorites.

Fist of Legend – I am so going to buy that new 2 discs DVD set coming out here shortly, so for those of you who have seen the ads but don’t really know what’s up with Fist of Legen – check this review now. This flick is so bad it will blow your mind, some of the best fight choreography ever filmed as well as Jet Li’s strongest lead. Friggin’ AMAZING film!

Fist of the North Star – The goriest anime film I have ever seen, and one of the most fun out there as well! Really fun film and one of the early Varied Celluloid favorites. Read this review, then read the badmovies.org review and then rush your butt out to the store and pick this classic up.

So that’ll do it for me folks. Hope you guys dig the new stuff, I know I had a lot of fun with these movies so I figure you guys would too. Everyone have a good week, I’ll get something new together pretty soon with all the design stuff outta the way.