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New images from Rites of Spring

Posted by Josh Samford On July - 18 - 2012

Independent horror movies aren’t exactly a rare commodity. The good ones come and go sporadically, but there are an infinite number of really bad ones floating around on the indie level. I have a weakness for some of the independent horrors that are just outside of the “ultra low budget” landscape, especially if such movies provide a sizable bodycount. Whether or not Rites of Spring will turn out to be one of the better ones, I cannot say. The trailer appears to be fairly conventional, but the following photo of its main antagonist, a killer named Wormface, seems relatively promising. I’ll certainly keep an open mind.

And if you want more Rites of Spring, continue reading after the bump for the official plot synopsis and trailer.

A group of kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy socialite and hide out in an abandoned school in the middle of the woods. But feelings of guilt soon overtake the kidnappers, dividing the group and putting their entire plan in jeopardy. The evening further spirals out of control when their poorly chosen hideout becomes a hunting ground for a mysterious creature that requires springtime ritualistic sacrifices.

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  • Stephen Langlois
    Hadn’t heard of this, but it looks pretty interesting. The trailer does make it seem like a somewhat straightforward thriller, though from those photos it appears to have a stranger, supernatural side to it. Unlike a lot of trailers out there, this one doesn’t just go ahead and try to show you everything. It’s restrained. How refreshing. Intriguing even–which is exactly what a trailer should be.
  • JoshSamford
    Totally agree. I’ve been disappointed before, but I’m certainly willing to give the movie a shot. I’ll probably give it a look when it hits Netflix. I also like that the killer goes by the name “wormface.” Can’t beat it!




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