Wow, didn’t realize I had just updated the site yesterday – I would have held off on this one haha! Better to hold off and spread everything out just in case I get back to my tired old burned out ways – which at this pace who knows! I tell you, really hope to see more people joining on the forums. The stats for the site have been dramatically improving, July has had the most traffic since Varied Celluloid’s rebirth – and we’re just a little over halfway through the month! Anyway, would be great to see some new faces in the forum! Just take a look over on the toolbar to the left, you’ll find it!


Inside – This French horror has been making the circles here lately garnering a TON of hype in certain communities. I don’t know if it’s the end-all/be-all of new horror cinema – but it is certainly a great little flick and worth checking out! Check the review! With Gallery!

Video Violence – This one, some people are going to think I’m nuts, but I actually really enjoyed Video Violence. It’s sort of like a dark and disturbing version of The Twilight Zone, if they were to cover snuff. This one is a lot of fun and hopefully others out there can find the time to give it a spin! With Gallery!


Cat in the Brain, A – Lucio Fulci had classics and then he had those which… well, weren’t. Depending on who you talk to, Cat in the Brain could go either way. This was definitely Fulci on the downside of his career – but man oh man is the gore fun! Packed full of blood soaked madness, this is easily the goriest Fulci film around.

Chaos – A VERY underrated Hideo Nakata classic, the man best known for the Ringu series and the leap to North America and his sequel to The Ring; but before that he made this excellent crime drama about a kidnapping gone wrong – but with a very large twist.

Chinese Super Ninjas – One of Chang Cheh’s most violent and one of the very best of The Venoms Clan films – just… a classic. Absolutely a classic and one of the best from the old school of Kung Fu. Do check it out!

Christmas Evil (Reviewed By Prof. Aglaophotis) – Aggy is a great writer with about as mature an opinion on the subject of horror as I have ever found and I was so happy to post his reviews here at Varied Celluloid. He’s a bit busy in his personal life these days, but his work here has always been spectacular and a real joy to read!

Chungking Express – This is the official Varied Celluloid review from myself, which I posted many moons after our good friend Sebastian’s review; but both approach the film from different areas and both show it the love it is truly owed.

Chungking Express (Reviewed By Sebastian) – Seb’s review, who some might know from the website, which he runs and is the best Tarantino website on the net and he is a longtime friend of Varied Celluloid. Really a great guy and a good take on this amazing film.

City of Lost Souls – An older review of mine for what I consider one of Takashi Miike’s best films that most may not have seen. Showing his love for other tongues as well as some of his trademark unusual imagery – it is an action packed, fun loving – true love story and I highly recommend it!


5 Reasons to Watch TV – Just a little article I did for RogueCinema about five TV programs most might be missing out there; and should be tuned into. A fun little writeup about a few killer shows!

5 Unsummer Flicks – This was a neat concept for a list and actually worked out pretty well, five different unusual flicks with either a snow encased backdrop or at least something else that would give it a not-so-summer feel. Goofy, but fun, like much of my writing!

Cinema of the Absurd – An article dedicated to the pioneers who are constantly delivering the strange, the atmospheric the completely freakin’ weird. Names like Lynch, Cronenberg and the such are thrown around in here – so if you’re a fan of filmmakers such as that; check out this article!

Interview With Eric Stanze – This is an interview I did for RC with Eric Stanze from Wicked Pixel productions. You know him best as the director of Scrapbook, Savage Harvest, Ice From the Sun or I Spit on Your Corpse I Piss On Your Grave. A great read, and a well spoken man!

10 Horror Flicks to Die For – I do so ever love the lists! What can I say, this is just the second of three! However they were originally written months apart so at least most couldn’t readily tell how out of ideas I happen to be! Haha, it’s a good article however and a lot of fun.

Vampyos Lesbos – A popular little short floating around from Matt Saliba, a crazy little remake of the original Italian flick. Highly recommended and I’ll get around to posting up my interview with him later as well!

Whew, what an update! Might have to take it lighter than that next time, took me the longest time just writing out all of these links! Hopefully everyone enjoys all the work! C’mon now, GET ON THOSE FORUMS!