Opie Gets Laid DVD


May 14, 2009

Opie Gets LaidI was contacted this morning by writer/director James Ricardo that his feature film Opie Gets Laid has been released into the market by Vivendi Entertainment. Although I see many indie flicks that float in over any given month, but I will say this one has a few things going for it. (1) – The actually “acting” looks to be fairly convincing. (2) – The women in it are absolutely beautiful. (3) – Film Threat gave it four stars, and although they have a lot of different writers, generally I enjoy their opinions. (4) – Vivendi picked this one up, so others are definitely seeing something special in it (hey, they released Last Life in the Universe, Fulltime Killer amongst others) and last but not least (5) – The trailer makes it look very promising. So, according to the official site located right here, this is what the film is all about:

Opie Gets Laid is an offbeat sexy comedy about the world`s biggest loser and how he ends up dating and mating three very different women at once.

Opie is a 30 year old virgin whose life revolves around a daily grind of wolfing down junk food and watching TV. Content with his boring life, everything goes spectacularly awry for Opie the day a sexy pot dealer chick named Thai mistakenly knocks on his loft door.

Thai opens Opie to the possibilities of love, but then so does her blonde leather- clad lesbian lover, Dakota. Opie then meets the free spirited, gun-toting Rain via an internet personal ad and is soon mating and dating her as well.

The setup at first is a dream come true for our geek hero until the women begin to grow hilariously jealous of each other and slowly drive Opie crazy. It all boils to a big emotional climax where the women demand Opie choose one of them.

Now check out the trailer and if you like what you see, check it out at Best Buy or your local Hollywood Video.