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Patrick Swayze, 1959-2009

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 15 - 2009

Patrick Swayze as Dalton: If somebody gets in your face and calls you a cocksucker, I want you to be nice. Ask him to walk. Be nice. If he won’t walk, walk him. But be nice. If you can’t walk him, one of the others will help you, and you’ll both be nice. I want you to remember that it’s a job. It’s nothing personal.

Steve: Being called a cocksucker isn’t personal?

Dalton: No. It’s two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response.

Steve: What if somebody calls my mama a whore?

Dalton: Is she?


  • Classic Swayze dialogue in a badass action flick!
  • Haha, I saw your post and that quote and I was just like “Wow! That’s the way to remember the man” so I had to do my part.




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