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Peacock King Review

Posted by On November - 21 - 2009
After a nice wholesome update of French arthouse cinema, what better to follow that up with than some cheesy Hong Kong/Japanese fantasy trash? Well… probably a lot of stuff would be more suitable, but I just happened to finish this review instead so you’re all stuck. Anyway, beware of the Peacock King for this movie will eat away your sanity and spit it out in your face. Without hesitation.

The Plot: After our decadence here on earth has gotten the best of us, the gates to the underworld open up in Asia unleashing the Hell Virgin and the inevitable return of the Hell King on the ill prepared subjects of our realm. Leaving only two defenders who have the magic to do anything about it, Lucky Fruit and Peacock, two Buddhist monks who will do what it takes to stop these demons. Lucky Fruit is a very serious Japanese young man who has been sent by his master to put an end to this scourge on humanity, with similar orders Peacock (who is Chinese but doesn’t take things as serious) looks to do the exact same thing. When this odd couple get together they make the perfect combination to put an end to this! But will they be able to stop the Hell King, or will they let their own differences get in the way of forming the perfect combination to help put an end to all of this? You’ll have to watch to find out!





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