More movie news! IFC has recently announced that they will be releasing the slow-burn horror title Penumbra on April 20th, through their IFC Midnight VOD service. The release will also extend to various other digital services such as SundanceNOW, iTunes, Amazon Streaming, XBOX Zune, and Playstation Unlimited.

The movie itself looks to have a lot of promise. Described in the following plot synopsis as a return to a Polanski-style of horror, the movie looks like it could work its way underneath your skin. It also has a great deal of praise following behind it, as well as some reputable awards. So, I’m fairly stoked for this new piece of South American horror! Give this plot synopsis a quick read and then follow it up by viewing the trailer. Looking very solid!

Combining stylistic elements of classic Polanski with a contemporary vision that rivals anyone working in horror today, the Bogliano brothers’ PENUMBRA is a superbly realized South American horror slow-burner. Marga is a highly motivated, arrogant and successful businesswoman on assignment in Buenos Aires — a city she hates and whose people she loathes. While in the Argentina capital on a day the whole population is waiting to view a rare solar eclipse she must also find a new tenant for her family’s decrepit apartment. Rapidly losing her patience waiting for one applicant she runs into the mysterious Jorge lurking outside the front door of the place who informs her that he has a client willing to pay four times what she is asking in rent. There’s one catch — the paperwork must be signed immediately. As greedy Marga waits to complete the transaction several of Jorge’s associates suspiciously appear at the apartment ready to strip the wallpaper. And what’s behind the décor signals a startling fate worse than death — or should that be life!