Popcorn Review


Feb 9, 2009

Back again everybody! What is this, a post every day or something? I promise, I won’t make it a habit! Anyway, have a review here for the early nineties slasher Popcorn which I thoroughly enjoyed. It has a lot going for it and turns out as one of the better ‘by the numbers’ slasher flicks I have seen. Check out the words!

The Review: Maybe it’s my patriotic spirit, maybe it’s the fact that one gets tired of reading subtitles every now and then – but for the past month or so I’ve been going back and visiting older American slashers from my youth and from their glory days, films that I simply never was able to get my hands upon. Including the previously reviewed Night of the Demons series and Popcorn is just another step towards discovering all the greats I have bypassed. I love Japanese gore flicks, I love Italian giallos – but sometimes the braindead fun of a cheesy slasher is just what a growing man needs. Popcorn is a horror I had never even heard of until only in the past few years. There are those that stand by it, those that consider it another campy waste of time – but either way you swing it, people are still talking about it years after it’s initial release and for that to happen it has to at least be worth checking out. It’s a horror film seemingly made by horror fans, in a time when the genre was simply being pulverized with noxious flicks made simply to churn out a dollar. Focusing the film on the horror genre and the showmanship of the fifties, it actually takes on a self-aware turn many years before Wes Craven’s Scream would popularize the cheeky “hey look, we’re trapped in a horror movie!” take on horror cinema that has become so prominent.

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