Maybe the Korean film blogathon took more out of me than usual? Because it has been a little quiet here at Varied Celluloid! Sorry about that folks, but I’m about to make up for it! Today we have a review for the Peter Fonda/Warren Oates teamup Race with the Devil and soon we will have two other reviews crawling up the pipeline as well! So keep it tuned to Varied Celluloid as always!

The Plot: Frank Stewart (Warren Oates) has a state of the art mobile home and he takes his good friend Roger Marsh (Peter Fonda) on a trip, showing off all of its $36,000 luxurious accessories. The two, along with their girlfriends in tow, soon begin a trek across the country in order to get to Aspen Colorado for a friendly vacation. Along the way the group decides to stop-off in a very small, and strangely quiet, town. As the two men have a late night drink in the midst of a clearing in the woods, they notice a fire burning off in the distance. As they whip out their binoculars in order to spy on their distant neighbors, they discover that there is a group of people in the distance wearing long black robes, with some even cavorting around in the nude. Ultimately, a young woman is brought forth and stripped naked before being stabbed in front of their apparent cult-leader. As Frank and Roger grab their stuff and get ready to run, the group notices them and they barely make it from this clearing alive. When the group ultimately makes it to the Sheriff’s station in the morning, they are treated as if they are crazy. Frank and Roger realize the gravity of the situation however, and they immediately leave the small town. Unfortunate for them, the cult is keeping an eye on their movements and soon a cross-country chase begins!