Hey everybody! Our good friend Prof. Aglaophotis is back with his review for this insane slice of US-Filipino action known as Raw Force! This one looks to be an absolute classic, without a doubt!

The Plot: The movie introduces us to a mysterious island in the Philipines called Warrior’s Island. Run by a group of cultist monks, Warrior’s Island is a place where the souls of exiled and denounced warriors throughout Earth’s history are venerated and remembered for martial art skills. Through the power of cannibalizing women, the monks are able to bring the warriors back to life originally to protect the island from invaders, but mostly just to straight-up slaughter and murder anyone they come across. The monks are readily fed too because a slave trader named Speer is trading in beautiful young local women for a large supply of jade found in a mine on the island. So what happens when a boat-full of fun-loving, thrill-seeking Americans led by Cameron Mitchell himself stumble into the middle of this craziness? A zany, violent and sexy romp into Filipino Action-sploitation that can only be described… as Raw Force.