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Re-Working Old Reviews

Posted by On May - 17 - 2010
Hey everybody, sorry no update last week! I have my writing finished but unfortunately I didn’t have time to do the graphic work necessary to get it out last week. So, between Wednesday/Thursday I’ll have my review for Vengeance is Mine posted up and I should have a review for Death Race coming down the pipeline shortly as well.

Currently I am in the process of editing my older reviews and placing them in the correct format. If you have looked recently, most of the older reviews are formatted in a very strange way. Why this happened, I am not sure. It has something to do with WordPress and its automatic paragraphs. However, I am fixing these awkward line breaks and I am going over the reviews and adjusting grammatical errors along the way. I won’t catch everything of course but these will hopefully be of more use! You can see the start of my project just by going through the review alphabetically. I should be finished with the A’s and B’s by tomorrow some time.

Hope you guys appreciate the effort and I hope I finish the project in short time!



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