Hiya folks! Although this isn’t going to be a steady feature for this site, you will see these popping up now and again! For those of you who don’t know, Varied Celluloid Dot Net was once Varied Celluloid Dot Com, but when we made the transition things became a bit hectic. With roughly two hundred reviews written at the time, it was a headache to move from a general HTML based website to the PHP driven database system that you see now. So, there were many reviews lost in the shuffle. Some were never placed on the new website due to a lack of quality, some were lost simply because it seemed to take longer to edit these files than it was to simply write a new review.

So, today we have one that was a mix of both. This review has been heavily edited from its original version, but the opinions still remain the same. Incredible Kung Fu Mission is still a solid piece of martial arts mayhem and is well worth checking out. So give a look at this excessively long review for the film and give your thoughts!

The Plot: John Liu is a mercenary for hire in this Hong Kong action yarn. After a member of the revolutionary committee is imprisoned in China, a good friend of the captured man hires John Liu to take a team he has collected into dangerous territory and rescue the man. The team consists of a juggler, a gigolo, a carpenter, a fighter and a undertaker. All of the men have no true previous experience with Kung Fu, not even the fighter! John Liu must train the men vigorously before their mission, and before long these men are ready to go! Twists and turns are sure to follow along, as well as a good deal of Kung Fu and comedy.