Okay, so I claimed the recycled reviews wouldn’t be a quickly returning segment, but here we are. With Halloween Horrors just around the corner, we need some time to get ready so these recycled reviews should come in handy. Keep checking back, because things are getting exciting around here on Varied Celluloid!

This review today was actually written as part of the Rogue Reviewers, which was a group of websites that banded together for a monthly roundtable review. This group then changed into Rogue Cinema, but we had a lot of good times together as the Rogue Reviewers. This particular review for Jason and the Argonauts was written as part of a Ray Harryhausen tribute. As with the previous recycled review, this article was completely re-edited. In fact, it is more new than old in terms of content.

The Plot: During our opening credits, a man named Pelias leads an army to take the throne of Thessaly. Once there however, he goes a bit overboard and murders nearly every living person. There are few who escape, but the king’s son is amongst these and his name is Jason. Pelias is told by the gods that it is prophesied that Jason will some day return for the throne which is rightfully his, and that if Pelias should interfere (ie; kill Jason), his life will end. So, as time goes by Jason grows and becomes a very strong and determined young man. As Pelias ages, he one day falls from his horse into the river and is surprisingly assisted by a young stranger. This stranger reveals himself to be none other than Jason who has set out to fulfill the prophecy. Pelias hides his identity and tells Jason of “The Golden Fleece” which will make the soil of the land fertile, cure the sick and surely win the hearts of people of Thessaly. Jason takes Pelias’ advice and begins his quest to find a ship and men to sail with. He finds the most talented and strongest men in Greece, builds the greatest boat the world has ever seen and is protected by the queen of the gods, Hera, who has promised to help him on three occasions if needed. The crew sets out to travel to the opposite side of the world, in a quest full of danger, action and amazing special effects! Along the way Jason confronts monsters of all sorts, fights with statues and falls for the lovely lady Medea.