As we prepare for the Halloween horrors, we are also given the opportunity to dig back through some VC gold. Well, maybe not gold. More like bronze… no, scratch that, copper? Who knows. These reviews take nearly as much effort as the new ones, but the main difference is the graphics work which is definitely a nice break from the normal. Anyway, enjoy our offering today which is a revised review for the classic John Woo collaborative effort Just Heroes. A very underrated film, in my opinion.

The Plot: Just Heroes tells the tale of one Triad boss and his three sons. After this boss is murdered during a set-up by his limo driver, the remaining bosses must decide who is to take over the family business. Wai (David Chiang) was the dead bosses’ first choice, but he has recently quit the Triad business and instead focuses his time on selling fish. So, leaving it up to the two sons still involved in the game, Sou (Danny Lee) is the one chosen to take over for the big boss. This upsets a few members of the family, namely Jacky (Stephen Chow) who doesn’t feel Sou is the right man for the job. Jacky instead feels that his friend Wah is most deserving of the position and he makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t trust Sou. Things get even more peculiar whenever Wah receives a phone call from the former bosses’ limo driver who confesses that it was actually Sou who ordered the hit on the previous boss. With the phone call recorded the tape begins to circulate behind Sou’s back. Is Sou the real traitor? With so many different characters vying for control of this Triad group, anyone could very well be the rat. Tragedy and bloodflow are sure to come for all involved.