Prof. Aglaophotis is back with another piece of nazisploitation for all of us to enjoy! The man knows how to pick his obscure titles, that is for sure! A sexy look at the third reich, Red Nights… looks to be one of the more boring pieces of erotica you could possibly dig into and Aggy has a good time taking us through it step by step!

The Plot: It’s 1941 and Rudolf Hess makes his flight to England in surrender. The head of Hess’ staff, Colonel Werner von Uhland, is sentenced to death by the Gestapo. However, the Gestapo has another plan for him: It turns out there’s more traitors among the Third Reich and they’re all connected to each other under the name of The Intelligentsia. Col. von Uhland’s head decides to give him a chance to redeem himself by having him befriend the conspirators, arrange a brothel to invite the traitors in to use all their sexual weaknesses against them and expose their traitorous ways.