Hey everybody! Sorry that the site has been neglected so much here lately, but we are about to make up for that. There are roughly 10 reviews waiting to be posted to the site, and you can start expecting them to pop up on a daily basis! No fears, Varied Celluloid is here!

The Plot: Ming Ming (Lily Chung) is a special needs little girl whose father has recently died in a car accident. Ka Lok (Money Lo) is a social worker who is handed her case and helps her become comfortable within her new home for the mentally handicapped. This large school is run by Chan (Ben Ng) who is beloved by most everyone that knows him. Unfortunately, Chan has some serious issues that no one else knows about. For the most part he is the sweet and sentimental character that everyone sees him as, but whenever he sees the color red… he absolutely loses his mind. He strips off his clothing and looks for the first woman that he can rape. Muscular, covered in oil and wearing very little, he continually finds young women to take his aggressions out upon. However, when his attacks strike too close to home, Ka Lok will be the one to help avenge his injustices!